St. Vincent de Paul Society
St. Jude Conference, Needles, California
Thrift Store & Special Services

How Can You Help?

     St. Vincent de Paul Society in Needles desperately needs donated furniture and household items that can be sold in the thrift store or used by needy families.  With the current economic conditions there are more and more people in the community needing assistance.  People who have lost their jobs, the elderly and those on fixed incomes are the most vulnerable to financial crisis.  

     Our ministry is completely supported by the proceeds of our thrift store and generous donations from individuals and other charitable organizations.  We are in need of:
* Household items
* Children's toys & baby items
* Books, blankets & backpacks
* Travel size toiletries
Gifts of time and talent are very much appreciated.  We need volunteers to do a variety of things, such as:
* Assisting with the store
* Data Input (QuickBooks)
* Communications / writer
* Handyman services
* Carpentry
* Auto repair
> Bottled Water
> Juice Boxes
> Dry Milk
> Apple Juice
> Cranberry Juice
> Grape Juice
> Cereal
> Cereal Bars
> Pancake Mix/Syrup
> Oatmeal
> Peanut Butter

> Jelly
> Soup
> Ramen
> Potted Meat
> Spam
> Vienna Sausage
> Tuna Fish
> Canned Pasta Products
> Canned Chili
> Boxed Pasta Salad
> Spaghetti Sauce
Specific Food Items Needed:
Specific Food Items Needed:
> Saltines
> Peanut Butter Crackers
         Special Treats
> Cake Mix/Frosting
> Brownie Mix
> Box of Jello
> Cookie Mix
> Muffin Mix
> Box of individually wrapped
   items such as Cupcakes,
   Muffins or Twinkies

> Diced Tomatoes
> Tomato Sauce
> Rice
> Mac/Cheese
> Canned Beef Stew
> Egg Noodles
> Spaghetti
> Beans
> Canned Chicken
> Canned Vegetables
> Pork-n-Beans
> Canned Fruit
St. Vincent de Paul Society
St. Jude Conference - Needles, CA
839 Front Street, Needles, CA 92363
(760) 326-4420
Donations can be dropped off during 
business hours:  9:00am ~ 2:00pm
Closed Sunday & Monday
Free furniture pick-up is available.  
Just call to schedule an appointment.
Remember, no donation is too small nor too large to make a difference. 
* Financial gifts of any amount
* Food items
* Good, clean used furniture
* Gently used clothing

Donate your vehicle to 
the Society.
Contact Scott Porter
if you are interested in donating your car to help the poor.