St. Vincent de Paul Society
St. Jude Conference, Needles, California
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St. Vincent de Paul of Needles, California
839 Front Street, Needles, CA 92363, (760) 326-4420
9:00am ~ 2:00pm
Closed Sunday & Monday
A little about our desert community:

      Once a booming railroad town, Needles has dwindled to a small desert oasis of 4,830 people, nestled along the Colorado River across from Arizona.  

      The closest California city is Barstow, and is located approximately 145 miles away. Employment opportunities are limited here. For some of our community, their home in or near Needles is a second home and not their primary residence. During the warmest times of the year the population dwindles. 58% of Needles residents are on some sort of public assistance. 35% of our clients come from Arizona and 7% are transients. 
Mission Statement

We are a Catholic lay organization of Christians, & concerned citizens, following the spirit & example of St. Vincent de Paul.  It's God's desire that we be universally loving of the poor. We are helping the less fortunate among us and challenging  our community in their responsibility to the social problems that exist in our local area.

St. Vincent de Paul of Needles 
Board Team Members 2021

Pictured left to right top row:  John Morrissey Pres.; George DeLeon Mgr.; J.R. Hernandez, Board Member; Sandie Erickson, Secretary; Pam Blake, Board Member; Robert Kimball, Vice President.  bottom row: John Kunka, board member; Joyce Daniels, Board Member; Sherry Pyle, Board Member; Not pictured: Esther H. Plemmons, Treasurer;